The Power of Twitter: Joko Anwar's Naked Stunt on Circle K

Joko Anwar recently did a crazy feat: He was naked, in public, and shopping!

Who is Joko Anwar you ask? He’s an Indonesian actor and famous for being director of the movie “Janji Joni”.

Joko Anwar naked in Circle K

Joko Anwar naked in Circle K

Yesterday he posted a casual tweet “I’ll go naked to Circle K if I get more than 3,000 Twitter followers”. (Circle K is a local minimarket) The rest is history: in only a few hours he did not only get 3,000 followers, but more than 13,000 followers and still counting.

The amazing part is: He stood true to his words and kept his promise!

At 00.05 AM Indonesian time Wednesday, Joko Anwar was shopping at Circle K… fully naked, and people all over Indonesia are watching (both on-site and via Twitter).

Next time you think that Twitter is nothing and social media sucks, please remember this story.

Do you think social media actually works? How do you use Twitter for your business? Share your stories in the comments!

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