What Am I?

some people hate me
some people are afraid of me
in fact,
lots of them do

but a few,
very few actually,
but they exist…
are completely the contrary

they “love” me,
they feel comfortable with me,
they don’t want to let me go…
even though we never had anything before we first meet.

and there are others
who used to love me
but now they hate me much, much more than they hate Satan himself

some people have best friends, partners, and boyfriends, but never had an angel…
partners and boyfriends are completely temporary, you can never rely on them.
best friends and “angels” (to use my term), in my opinion, deserve completely different places in our hearts

best friends are best. but in my view they require what I call “friendkeeping”. if you forget them or neglect them for a mere several months. you’re also out of their “best friends” list. it’s usually very hard to make a comeback.

angels, on the other hand, still my personal experience, they don’t require much maintenance as a “friend”. but it’s amazing that even after I left them for several months or even years without a single word of contact, when I return they were just as comfortable with me as if the last time I met them was 5 minutes ago.

best friends are “easier” to make if you’re a good, nice person that fills his requirements. angels, on the other hand, seems to be “born” together with you. i’d say they’re completely chemistry-based. it doesn’t need any burden on your part to get inside their hearts. and they don’t leave when you leave them, hurt them, or say the harshest words to them. weirdest miracle of the universe ever.

in my experience, though, none of them are “forever”. everything that has a beginning is destined to end.

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