Repetitions are Nauseating Me!

I’m talking about the music in my workplace. Not long ago they’re playing the song “SMS”, track-repeated, for several days straight. During Ramadhan, the Ramadhan Special album by Ungu are the only songs played here, for an entire month. And it doesn’t stop there, the exact same songs are being played by everyone, from radios to malls to small shops. It’s infuriating!

Right now, their current favorite is “Jamblai” by Titi Kamal. I hear this song just a bit too often that everytime I open up my Personalized Google homepage, the song starts playing in my head unconsciously, even if the song isn’t actually being played.

This phenomenon terribly nauseates me. My office provide headsets on each computer, but the Alltronix headsets are so horrifying in ergonomic quality that even putting it on for a mere five minutes hurt my ears badly and even the comfortable music that comes out of it doesn’t justify the discomfort.

So much just for music…

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