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Uncensored: My Personal Amazon.com Affiliate Report

It’s not so bad this month, I guess 🙂

(I really hope Amazon has no forbidding policy in disclosing earnings to the public.)

I guess I should work harder 🙂 $14 just in 17 days? Simply by posting Amazon links on a blog? Life is so easy. 🙂

I think one day I can really achieve financial freedom “without working.” 🙂 Amiiiiiiennn.

Note: To give some perspective, most Indonesians working full-time get an average salary of 500-800 (US$60-90) thousand rupiahs per month. Skillful diplomas and bachelors may get up to 2-4 millions a month (US$250-450). Anything beyond that is definitely considered above the riches. That should give you a reason why $14 for half a month is a wonder considering the [minimal] amount of work needed. 🙂

Update: Bagus sekali tulisan dewayudhi ini: Hilangkan stress dengan ngeblogs 🙂 Apalagi kalo blogsnya berduit (tapi jangan dijadikan motivasi utama… malah bisa cepet down!)

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