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What The Movies Taught Me About Philosophy, Episode I

Sometimes you learned enough just by watching enough movies…

taught me that every ending has a beginning, but you can never be sure what caused that beginning.
Tomorrow Never Dies
taught me that you can always predict the future if you made sure the it will happen.
taught me that tiny things may make big changes.
Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow
taught me that you can not only predict what happens in the future, but you can also schedule it.
The Talented Mr. Ripley
taught me that nobody has capability, or even willingness, to accept the truth.
taught me everything.
The Shawshank Redemption
taught me that you’re the only person who knows your plans better than anybody else.
Blast from The Past
taught me that lies heal.
taught me that imperfections make the world the perfect place to perfect ourselves.
The Butterfly Effect
taught me that however bad your situation is right now, it always could have been worse had you tried to do it differently in the past.

taught me that if loving someone is wrong, you better make sure you’d still be alright when you lose it.

taught me that nobody cares about how good you are, only what they feel.
taught me that even if you can control the world, but you can never control how the world will respond to you.
Pay It Forward
taught me that you can never change, much less fix, anyone. But you can make the world a better place for people to blame others.

Life is Beautiful (La Vita รจ bella)
taught me that you can choose to be a special person whenever you want, but you should not expect others to respect the choice you made.

The Secret
taught me that atheists now has a better way of saying that they’re atheists.
Trivia: If David Heinemeier Hansson were to direct a movie, it would have taught me that 20% of the world’s goodness accounts for 80% of evil.

Credits: Thanks to magenSaa yang suka nonton & ditonton ๐Ÿ˜‰

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