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Mozilla as Rich Internet Applications Platform

Everybody knows Firefox, Mozilla‘s flagship browser that’s being used by most geeks worldwide (and increasingly used by non-geeks too.) In the emerging Rich Internet Applications platform market, we are seeing more and more vendors jump in: Adobe with Apollo, Microsoft with Silverlight, Sun Microsystems with JavaFX, and a bunch others.

So has anyone considered using Mozilla (or Firefox) as Rich Internet Applications platform (in the near-future)?

The platform compiles natively, has many functions, is proven for building the web browser, e-mail client, calendaring application, and more. It runs JavaScript, which makes it very extensible. Mozilla has demonstrated its cross-platform-ity by having many Firefox extensions that “just work” in all platforms that can run Firefox. It supports CSS, SVG, and XUL, which means it’s really good for presentation. Its components are open source, which is yet another good thing.

I really wonder whether this is a good path to take, or at least feasible?

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