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I’m Quitting This Job, ASAP!

You heard me. It’s official, starting from yesterday I got no Internet access. 🙁

Restricting Internet access to me is like forbidding me to read books. Unacceptable employer behavior.

Sure, there are downsides of unrestricted Internet access. Especially if used irresponsibly or abused. In my case, though, I think the damage for restricting me far outweighs its “advantages.”

Who cares, it’s their company, not mine. If I would ever have my own company, I imagine enjoyment and productivity of its team members (not “employees”), will be numero uno, not formal restrictions, rules, and laws. I’m not sure if that will work, but I hope someday I will have the chance to test my theory. In my view, a good organization should be based more on trust rather than respect.

Unfortunately, though, I currently don’t have [yet] a steady income, so I’ll stick to this job until a better solution comes along…

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