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Talking and Chewing Gum Improves Ear Health

Overheard from Wikipedia:

Excessive cerumen may impede the passage of sound in the ear canal, causing conductive hearing loss. It is also estimated to be the cause of 60 – 80% of hearing aid repairs. As mentioned above, movement of the jaw helps the ears’ natural cleaning process, so chewing gum and talking can both help. If this is insufficient, the most common method of cerumen removal by general practitioners is syringing (used by 95% of GPs). A curette method is more likely to be used by otologists and ENTs when the ear canal is partially occluded and the material is not adhering to the skin of the ear canal.

I never thought that, hello, talking and chewing gum would actually be beneficial to our health. Or at least our ears’ health.

The more we know, the more we know there are lots more things we didn’t know, and potentially will never know.

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