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7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend "Work" for You

Together we're stronger!

Many people think that having a partner or spouse has no direct impact on someone’s business. I am thinking exactly the opposite. Your partner can help or harm your business.

I wish your love relationship is going very well, and here I’ll outline several ways to make sure that works for your business too. Note that there is no way I’m advocating pursuing a relationship just for business! 😉

  1. Share “office” hours with them
    Let him/her accompany you while you’re working. Start by letting them know that you’re at work and may not able to do your usual “love chores”, and that you may be needing their help at times. A good partner loves you so much they’ll feel great for helping you get your job done. Try to “outsource” a few tasks to them, even simple things. The benefits are several folds: They feel happier, you get free/voluntary help, both of you can sharpen team working skills, and your love deepens. 🙂 Little issues may crop up, but I believe you’re gentle enough to work them out brilliantly!
  2. Consider Working Together(tm)
    A friend of mine running successful bakery shop in my hometown with his wife is one example I truly envy. They actually work together, raising their business, and boy do they have truly envied me in their romantic life as well. While appearances may deceive, in any case I believe that a happy-looking couple is always better than a sad-looking couple.
    When your business soars, imagine how great it would be with her!
  3. Attend business events with them
    Not only it makes her feel much more respected and integrated with your life, it also shows to your business contacts that you show good leadership not only in business, but also in family. Women are known to be extremely curious creatures, and it’s good to satisfy their curious desires periodically.
  4. Invite her for a ‘Guest Post’
    If you’re writing a blog, journal, or a column of some sort; let her in. If she hesitates, tell her that you’re stuck and need her to strike an inspiration. She may contribute a whole article, a paragraph or even just a sentence, it doesn’t matter–as long as she does. Avoid editing her work unless you know it’d be harmful for readers, point very carefully at her mistakes. It’s better if there’s a medium for feedback, show and encourage her. Even if she sucks in writing (and even if that’s the truth), don’t mention that fact! Just say that you already loved her and her willingness to help you… make you love her even more.
  5. Dedicate time for “Let’s get romantic!”

    Just because you can work not in the office, doesn’t mean you’re
    allowed to work online while you’re dating! Put your smartphone and
    laptop aside while you’re with him/her, and subtly let them know you’re
    doing it to respect your precious relationship.

  6. Be prepared for “Houston, we’ve got a problem!”
    You’ve already taken for granted that small conflicts arise in relationship. Even more if you try to make your partner involved in professional matters. But don’t sweat them! When you succeed, these little things will actually help you make better decisions without getting distracted emotionally. Yes, that applies to both of you.
  7. Explicitly show your appreciation for their help!
    You say “Thank you” to your business partner. You take your co-workers to a party after you got a salary raise. Your partner deserves even better treatment, if only for trying to help you. If your work is successful, he/she should get an explicit reward. No need to be expensive, just put a bit of thought and show your romantic side… and he/she will not love you but also love working with you.

I hope this gives you some ideas to improve your business and your romantic relationship at the same time.

What do you think? Do you agree that your romantic partner should help you in business? Or do you think that “business is business” and involving romance is risky? Do you have more ideas? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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