Who I Am

I currently live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia… where thousands of miracles happen each and every passing day.

Born in Kediri, East Java, which was still a small town 30 years ago, I came to appreciate the traditional way of life, the rich cultural heritage of Javanese people, and the subtle yet significant meaning of being part of a community.

I have been a muslim since age 6, and that is the greatest gift ever to be bestowed upon me. Islam is a complete, holistic, and perfect religion. Unfortunately, many muslims (myself included) are full of mistakes. Therefore it’s been my primary goal in life to be a good muslim and to help fellow muslims to achieve this goal as well.

Hendy’s Blink of Life is where I write or share ideas about life in general (mostly in Indonesian language). You’re very welcome to follow and friend me on Tumblr.

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