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Flickr is Killing Me!

Lately I’ve tried to add a photo illustration to every new post on this blog, Web 2.0 with Ruby on Rails, Jejak Petualang Ubuntu, and Adam & Hawa in Love. At first I thought it was cool to do (in Adam & Hawa in Love), but later I found it highly addictive. I just find something is “missing” if I don’t put a good, stylish, artistic photo in my blog post.

Now it’s killing me! I wasted much, much more time searching for photos on Flickr than actually writing a blog article! This is weird… And to add to that, our Internet connection to Flickr is so slow (much slower than to Google that’s for sure).

I won’t stop attaching photo illustrations to my articles. Maybe I’ll just go back to the old-fashioned way: post the “plain” article first, then after I have time to search for pictures, I’ll update the plain posts with the photo illustration. I guess that may work for now…

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