Mbah Surip died of illness, Leaves Success as Legacy

Mbah Surip, a very popular singer and entertainment, died at 10.30am today. His first single, “Tak Gendong”, was highly successful and earned him 4.5 billion rupiahs from Ring Back Tone (RBT) royalties alone.

A few months ago, he was virtually unknown in Indonesia. His life dramatically changed when his song, “Tak Gendong”, was released and immediately became a major success. He already has schedules to perform on many upcoming events.

The news of Mbah Surip’s death is shocking, yet what I admire from him is that he’s done something that everybody would be proud of before he left. Many people live and die without leaving anything behind, only difficult life for the family. Very few, like Mbah Surip, managed to do a brilliant feat… that is, I think, ensuring the well being of his family, even if someday he dies. We can be pretty sure it was not his plan to pass away early, but I truly adore what he accomplished for his family.

Farewell, Mbah Surip. Hoping you rest in peace. Tuesday, August 4, 2009.

Source: DetikNews

Edit: There are different reports on Mbah Surip’s actual age. Some sources say Mbah Surip was 60 years old (born either May 6, 1949 or May 5, 1949), but according to his (multiple?) ID card(s?) (KTP) he was born either May 5, 1963 (46 years old) or May 6, 1969 (40 years old). I’ll leave it for you to decide.

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