Innalillahi, former president Soeharto has passed away.

Soeharto is dead.

“Our former president HM Soeharto has passed away around 13:10 (1710 AEDT),” Dicky Sondani, the sub-district police chief, told reporters at the hospital.

Soeharto, who was among Asia’s most notorious strongmen of the
20th century, stepped down in 1998 amid deadly riots and mass pro-democracy protests that were sparked by the 1997 Asian economic crisis.
Opinion on his rule remains divided in Indonesia, which also enjoyed dramatic economic growth under his rule.

Slank – Bendera Setengah Tiang “… agar dia yang mati dan telah pergi merasa di-hor-ma-ti…” *in memoriam, Soeharto, Presiden Indonesia ke-2
~Rizky Prihanto


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