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How to Make Your Own Broadband WiFi Hotspot

Go wireless!

Creating your own TelkomSpeedy / ADSL Broadband WiFi Hotspot is actually pretty easy. Why go Ethernet wired if you can go 802.11g wireless? 😉

Mungkin ada teman-teman yang kepingin tau gimana cara membuat Hotspot WiFi menggunakan akses ADSL Broadband misalnya TelkomSpeedy. So, let’s get on with it…

What you will need:

First, you need to connect the Ethernet cable from your ADSL modem to the WAN port of the WiFi broadband router.

Now, login to your WiFi router.

And configure your router as follows:

Linksys WRT54GL control panel small

Now, click Save Settings and enjoy!

Thanks a lot to segores tinta kupu ungu for posting “Bikin internet wi-fi area SOHO ? Akhirnya bisa juga,, alhamdulillah” that inspired me to write this article! 🙂

PS: Make sure to configure wireless security settings in your WiFi router. You don’t want anyone messing around with your wireless network!

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