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Gjots2: Notetaking Application for Linux

GJots2 is a notetaking application for Linux. You can use it on Ubuntu simply by installing the package called gjots2 using Synaptic (Ubuntu) or Adept (Kubuntu). Among the other notetaking applications that I’ve tried (Tomboy, KJots, KNotes, …), GJots2 seems to be among the more advanced ones, with its distinctive ability to structure notes hierarchically….

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Drivel: Blogging Client for Linux

Drivel has pretty good features, support for several blogging platform standards including Movable Type / WordPress, LiveJournal, and Blogger 1.0 & 2.0 (Atom). The user interface is clean and simple but has decent formatting features. It doesn’t show WYSIWYG but uses syntax-highlighted HTML instead. This isn’t always a bad thing, as it means you’ll always…

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Hyper’s CD Catalogizer: Catalog your CDs/DVDs/removable storage files and Downloads

Hyper’s CD Catalogizer (short name: cdcat) is a GUI disk cataloging application. It can catalog CDs, DVDs, and other removable storage files, and also regular directories and files including your downloads. It is using the Qt toolkit so it probably look best on KDE, but it works perfectly on GNOME. The user interface is pretty…

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Thanks to Trizle’s Andrew Trinh: The Accounting Game Book is Here!

It begins with a simple question to Andrew Trinh, founder of business consultancy firm Trizle: “Any good accounting book?” His response: The Accounting Game. But then comes an uber-pleasant surprise: He sent me the book as a gift! And the day had just come: You shouldn’t have to ask if it’s “good,” as it’s easily…

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Millennium Trader 4 Jalan di Linux Koq!!

Sempat saya bilang kalo Millennium Trader 4 bisa jalan di Ubuntu (Linux). Nggak percaya? Saya punya buktinya: Caranya, install dulu package wine melalui Synaptic atau Adept, lalu jalankan installer Millennium Trader secara biasa. Jika Anda tertarik atau pingin nyoba (belajar = gratis koq), informasi lengkap bisa Anda dapatkan di situs Millennium Penata Futures Kediri atau…

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Investasi Smart dengan Millennium Penata Futures

Perdagangan di bursa forex (valas/valuta asing) semakin diminati, tidak hanya karena keuntungan yang besar, cara pengoperasian yang cepat & mudah secara online, tapi juga model yang dibutuhkan relatif lebih ringan dibandingkan membangun bisnis sendiri. Satu perusahaan yang terpercaya di bidang ini adalah PT Millennium Penata Futures. Mereka menyediakan sistem online yang tercanggih dibandingkan perusahaan-perusahaan lainnya…

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Google Reader: Gearing Offline Feed Reading!!

I was wondering what feed reader I’ll use since I switched from Windows to [Ubuntu] Linux, again… … when I saw a very pleasant surprise from Google Reader:   Set up Google Reader for offline use. This feature enables you to read your 2000 most recent items even when your computer is not connected to…

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Amazon’s EC2: Automated Server Hosting

EC2 is a new server clustering services by Amazon. The difference between traditional servers it’s that this is very on-demand and automated. You won’t need to phone call an admin and “hey, we need a server” anymore, all you have to do is click “launch” and you’ve got a server running. (and the billing starts…