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Gjots2: Notetaking Application for Linux

GJots2 is a notetaking application for Linux. You can use it on Ubuntu simply by installing the package called gjots2 using Synaptic (Ubuntu) or Adept (Kubuntu).

Among the other notetaking applications that I’ve tried (Tomboy, KJots, KNotes, …), GJots2 seems to be among the more advanced ones, with its distinctive ability to structure notes hierarchically.

Also a useful feature for some people is the ability to edit your note in an external editor, probably vim or Kate…

I’m not really sure how to link among note pages in Gjots2, as I can easily do in Tomboy… If I can’t do this, then not much of a point taking notes (at least for me).

In the end, I still like Tomboy more, especially for its text formatting features, quick search and quick linking, and it stays on the tray. 🙂

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