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Customer Relationship

I just asked for advice from Andrew Trinh of Trizle (a business consulting firm, if you haven't heard--and a kickass one, if you ask me.) Here's the reply, verbatim, so you could kick more asses than most guys do:

Hi Hendy,

Yes! The best accounting book I know is called "The Accounting Game". It's an amazing book that's so easy and efficient to learn from.

I think the best accounting software (is this for personal finances) is anything from Intuit ( e.g. Quickbooks, Quicken, etc.)

In order to make lates as few and as minimal as possible, here's my brand-new, brilliantly invented idea:

The question remains: Does it work?

Apparently though, not as much as I had expected it to. :-(

You heard me. It's official, starting from yesterday I got no Internet access. :-(

Restricting Internet access to me is like forbidding me to read books. Unacceptable employer behavior.

Sure, there are downsides of unrestricted Internet access. Especially if used irresponsibly or abused. In my case, though, I think the damage for restricting me far outweighs its "advantages."

In order to import my Microsoft Money 2007 data into Quicken 2007, I had to install Quicken 2005 first, import the Money 2007 data using the Data Converter, then start Quicken 2005 to finish the importing process, uninstall Quicken 2005, install Quicken 2007, then upgrade, and... finally done! It was a tedious process. But it works. Not everybody wants to jump through that many hoops though. At the end, though, I stayed with Money (due to Quicken's stability issues).

As discussed on Quicken forums, I've tried it myself that Quicken 2007 does not have support for importing Microsoft Money data at all (I have Money 2004 Deluxe which I recently upgraded to Money 2007 Home & Business).

After much desperation and frustration (for some undisclosed reason), finally I got hold of Microsoft Money 2007, Home & Business Edition. This is because the financial software I was currently using was Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe, I guess an upgrade after 3 years will be great. Or so it seems...

Recently I've had a conversation with my good friend Aulia Halimatussadiah. One of what we talked was about our financial management. She said her financial was horrible (she earned enough but spent lots more, hehehe). So I suggested her to use the software I'm currently using, Microsoft Money (I'm currently using Money 2004).

Ah... meskipun aku di sini udah kerja, tapi nggak ada salahnya kan nyoba2 cari duit tambahan. Emang sih kerja di sini nggak banyak dapetnya (kayanya semua orang bilang gitu deh ya...) tapi yang enak di sini tuh ada koneksi Internet yang sering bisa dipake kalo warnetnya lagi nggak 100% penuh plus akhir2 ini aku jarang dikasih kerjaan (programming). Jadi bisa bebas menjelajah dunia maya, belajar, dan bereksperimen...

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