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Go wireless!

Creating your own TelkomSpeedy / ADSL Broadband WiFi Hotspot is actually pretty easy. Why go Ethernet wired if you can go 802.11g wireless? ;-)

Mungkin ada teman-teman yang kepingin tau gimana cara membuat Hotspot WiFi menggunakan akses ADSL Broadband misalnya TelkomSpeedy. So, let's get on with it...

What you will need:

OpenBravo Installation

Having been waiting "a few minutes" for several years with various taking-too-long-to-install software, "it will take more than an hour" is definitely a relief.

At last, somebody is being honest! ;-)

Today I just found one way (though not so "good idea") to have a 45-day loan with 0% interest......!

I got approx 800,000 rupiahs today, cash, in less than an hour, that I can return around end January.. it was very easy.

Emosi merupakan sifat bawaan manusia. James Gwee, motivator bisnis ternama dari Singapura, mengatakan:

Customer yang sedang emosi tidak akan bisa menerima penyelesaian masalah.

Singkatnya, dalam keadaan emosi manusia tidak bisa berpikir dengan jernih. Hal ini terjadi baik pada laki-laki dan terutama perempuan.

Have you ever heard of Papua Red Fruit or what Indonesians natively called Buah Merah Papua?

This rare fruit has recently been gaining significant momentum as it's claimed researched to have the ability to cure HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other diseases:

Sebelumnya saya sempat menulis mengenai I Love Satan.

Sekilas kata-kata tersebut memang sangat aneh, kontroversial, bahkan menjerumuskan... dan memang niat saya memberi kesan seperti itu. ;-)

Mungkin ada yang masih bingung kenapa ada manusia yang berpikir seperti itu...