Why I’m Good at Being Late (and Sony Ericsson K600i is One of The Buggiest Mobile Phones Ever)

I’m sooo good at being late, for work, for school, for college, for dates, basically for anything. Some factors:

  1. I need lots of sleep, 12 hours or more. This makes it hard for me to get up in the morning.
  2. I need to be waken progressively. This is a physiological defect in my body. I have to be waken, then snoozed, waken, snoozed, a few times before I can become fully awake.
  3. I don’t want to get up too early. I like to wake up during the “perfect period”.
  4. My family doesn’t care about this. They alert me around 1-2 hours before the actual event and then forgets.
  5. The stupidest thing: My Sony Ericsson K600i’s alarm is flawed, by far the most ridiculous and dangerous factor of all of the above. When I snoozed it, it’ll wait 9 minutes before waking me back. But there are times when I snoozed it and it never wakes up again. But the “alarm” icon is still there. Among of the other defects this phone has (it restarted during the first 24 hours of operation after I bought it, and several more times later), it certainly is the buggiest phone I’ve ever had. The value/features is quite good though, if only it works right.

The solution(s):

  1. Fix my family. Will never happen. I’ll definitely try to find a wife that understands this. Or maybe not try, REQUIRE.
  2. Fix my phone. Maybe get a fixed firmware or buy another new (hopefully not flawed) phone. Not a very good solution for a simple (yet disastrous) problem.
  3. Fix myself. Generally hard. I’ve had all the defects myself: habitual, behavioral, and physiological / bodily.

Still stuck at the moment. 🙁

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