JotSpot vs. Backpack

Looking for a personal productivity tool?

I’ve been a user of Backpack since a long time ago… Didn’t use it that much but it was helpful.

After that I signed up in Wetpaint. This is seriously a very nice service, great looking site and themes, very easy to use, quick, and useful. (currently I can’t get “remember me” login option to work).

Then I “found” JotSpot (actually I’ve heard about it for quite some time but just had the time to actually sign up and try it). Looks like the features are massive. Let’s see if it’s really as good as I’ve heard…

UPDATE: “You’ve signed up for the FREE Personal plan which allows you to invite up to 5 users and create up to 10 pages. Your JotSpot will remain free as long as you stay within these limits.”

Sorry, I guess I’ll pass. Back to Backpack. 😉

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