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Raelians Are Fun!

Ever heard of the Raelian religion?

For those of you who don’t know, the Raelians are an organization — some would say “alien sex cult” — that believes in scientific creationism — that “aliens” came to this planet and manipulated primitive DNA in order to create humans. In 1973, French journalist Claude Vorilhon (who now goes by “Rael”) was contacted by a small alien being who told him that their race, the Elohim (“those who came from the sky”, as described in Genesis), had been the ones who had created human life on Earth, and that mankind had mistaken them for gods and built religions around them. Because of the moon landing, they felt we were mature enough to hear the truth, and dictated the Raelian message.

Boring stuff, eh? By the way, I’m not preaching them! I just want to let you know that Raelians really know how to have fun! Check these out:


Now there you know a bit why some people like to call Raelian an “alien sex cult.” A seriously wonderful world, ain’t it? 😉

Source: all over the Big Huge Net, although you might wanna check this out. (maybe here too) 😉

UPDATE: A BIG thanks to Bernie of PlancksConstant.org for linking to this post. I’ve been a big fan of Bernie’s site for quite some time. 🙂

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