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Citibank Class Action Lawsuit, Bunga, Meterai, dan Tol

Baru-baru ini saya jadi tertarik mengikuti perkembangan tuntutan Class Action kepada Citibank yang diajukan oleh Bapak Jojo Rahardjo mengenai besar tagihan kartu kredit Citibank yang “nggak beres.” Saya sendiri adalah pemegang kartu kredit BCA Card dan BCA VISA yang relatif puas dengan layanannya, yang alhamdulillaah belum pernah kena bunga kartu kredit (semoga nggak perlu dicoba)….

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How to Print or Make PDF Files in Ubuntu/Linux

Ever wonder how to create PDF files from your documents or the web pages you visit? It’s very easy if you use Ubuntu! Considering the success of my previous post about wireless-ing your ADSL internet connection, I guess it’s good to show you how to make PDF files easily with Ubuntu. In short, go to…

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How to Make Your Own Broadband WiFi Hotspot

Creating your own TelkomSpeedy / ADSL Broadband WiFi Hotspot is actually pretty easy. Why go Ethernet wired if you can go 802.11g wireless? 😉 Mungkin ada teman-teman yang kepingin tau gimana cara membuat Hotspot WiFi menggunakan akses ADSL Broadband misalnya TelkomSpeedy. So, let’s get on with it… What you will need: ADSL connection (I’m using…

Innalillahi, former president Soeharto has passed away.

“Our former president HM Soeharto has passed away around 13:10 (1710 AEDT),” Dicky Sondani, the sub-district police chief, told reporters at the hospital. Soeharto, who was among Asia’s most notorious strongmen of the 20th century, stepped down in 1998 amid deadly riots and mass pro-democracy protests that were sparked by the 1997 Asian economic crisis….

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Intuitively Probabilistic Programmer [wannabe]

You know what, I get the feeling that I’m somehow “destined” to be a “probabilistic guy” (it has a spiritual touch) A few minutes ago I was thinking that “IT” is simply about reducing ambiguity. which is basically increasing specificity. Problem is, the world is inherently uncertain. And IT usually doesn’t cope well with this…