Using CRM to Build Relationship with Your Customers

CRM Software aka Customer Relationship Management helps you to build and maintain relationship with your leads, potential customers, and current clients, as well as manage your sales pipeline.

Here’s my review of the CRM software I’ve tested.

  1. BatchBook
  2. Network Hippo
  3. Highrise
  4. Zoho CRM
  6. vTiger
  7. SugarCRM

The three most interesting CRM solutions to me are: BatchBook, Network Hippo, and Highrise.
You probably never even heard of them.

Here’s why I picked them: they are suited to small business owners. Network Hippo and Batchbook has good integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

The “Social CRM”.
Intuitive to use and looks good. Contacts display their Facebook and Twitter. Has SuperTags which is tags on steroids, customizable fields.

Network Hippo
Personal network management.
Unlike existing CRMs that focus exclusively on sales data and basic contact information, Network Hippo evaluates the strength and influence of individual relationships with contacts to find new opportunities, strengthen relationships, and learn more about key people in their ‘network’.

Easy to use, cut-to-the-chase CRM, from 37signals.
Email integration just by CC-ing to a special address.

Zoho CRM
Good offer with plenty of features. Free account for 3 users.
E-mail integration requires paid Zoho Mail addon. UI clunky, like Salesforce.

A popular SaaS CRM, which plenty of third-party apps that enhance its features.
I think the UI is clunky and slow. Average small business owners may feel it’s too complex.

vTiger CRM
Open source CRM in PHP.
Lots of features. UI is pretty okay. You can install it on your webhosting account.

The open source but somewhat crippled open source CRM software.
You need the commercial package or addons to experience the full functionality.

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