How to Get A Girlfriend if You Are Ugly?

How to Get A Girlfriend if You Are Ugly?

Assuming you have good personality, there’s one that you can have that will make it very hard for any girl and her parents and to reject you:


I’ve checked. I’ve searched Quora for “I’m rich but why don’t I have a girlfriend?” and there’s no such question! Feel free to check for yourself. (let me know if I’m wrong, please!)

Is Being Rich Really That Important?

First let me clarify: while richness can buy an expensive car and huge apartment, you’d be mistaken to think of it as the primary indicator of wealth.

Being rich means a healthy net worth with assets, few liabilities, and positive cash flow. An expensive car means high liability. Some people who are lucky enough to afford to buy expensive cars aren’t actually rich enough for their assets to generate abundant positive cash flow. I wouldn’t do that if I had the chance.

So in case you do get rich, make sure you get a girlfriend who knows the difference between being financially wise versus being materialistic.

How Important Is It to Improve Your Financial Situation to Get A Girlfriend?

This depends.

If you’re already economically viable —you have a pretty good daily job, you own a permanent home, you have insurance and a bit of savings— then it’s more important for you to focus on good personality and other positive traits.

On the other hand… Even if you’re not dead poor, but you’re still below economically viable, then you also need to improve your financial situation in addition to other positive traits.

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