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"I could've spent more time worshipping You…"

SacredLearning.org is an Islamic web site Parama Danoesubroto recently shared with me which, among other useful materials, contains general talks by Shaykh Husain Abdul Sattar (as freely downloadable audios). Parama initially made me interested with a talk titled “Wisdom of Wealth” which is excellent. I begin to listen to the other talks. Actually I dutifully…

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9 Most Important Quotes You Need to Know About Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Just read a very interesting article from Wid Brilliant about Prophet Muhammad. It’s so good and “BLINK!” me a lot so I just had to make a copy here… Thanks a lot to Dedi Setiawan for introducing me the word “BLINK”, and Parama Danoesubroto for reminding me (again!) about this theme. Of course *BIG* Thanks…

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Top 9 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Parama W. Danoesubroto, a friend of mine, recently shared a bit of his vast business-savviness. It’s great enough that I’d like to share it here, both with my future self and with you the cool person (yes! YOU) who read this blog. Extra-gladly he’s willing to license his ideas as Creative Commons (oh so geeky!)….