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Re: Democracy, Poverty & Radical Politics

A response to Democracy, Poverty & Radical Politics at Mr. Juwono Sudarsono’s web site:

Aside from extremely religious-istic followers, one thing I find quite disturbing of Indonesian people (not just poor ones) is “regionalism” or “ethnicism” (“kita orang Jawa, kita harus bla…bla…bla”). So much that they force their beliefs upon others. Communities are becoming more and more heterogeous each day, and forcing your beliefs, opinions, and behaviors upon others is, I think, critically interferes with basic human rights. In my observation, our people have somewhat the highest level of prejudice in the whole world.

BTW, I was surprised (and delighted) that our Defense Minister has a blog (although it doesn’t seem to have new posts very often.) But it’s definitely a good thing, considering the current highly unreliable, erroneous state of POLRI’s Information Systems. (so, Mr. Sudarsono, this is within your authority, isn’t it?) 😉

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