How Does It Feel to Be An Ugly Girl?

How Does It Feel to Be An Ugly Girl?

From what I know from my honest not-so-pretty friends in Indonesia and other countries: being an ugly girl feels lonely. Sometimes it’s true loneliness (no friends) but mostly loneliness due to lack of boyfriend.

People around them don’t treat them as well as they treat pretty girls, so this can lead to jealousy.

Both feelings and other feelings can lead to depression.

(Curiously, even pretty girls do feel lonely, jealous, and depressed as well, but for entirely different reasons. It seems illogical, but pretty girls tend to be more insecure than ugly ones.)

Can An Ugly Girl Be Happy?

On the other hand, while being ugly can be a challenge it doesn’t prevent happiness. She will need to learn to accept it, and focus her energy on positive things. By doing this it’s more likely she will attract good friends, a love partner, enjoyable work and activities, and overall enjoy a quality life.

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