Google CL: Command-line (CLI) Tool for Google Cloud Service APIs


GoogleCL brings Google services to the command line (CLI). Great for DevOps job or for those loving the shell / console.

GoogleCL currently support the following Google services:

Avoid Use of Logical Fallacies in Advertising Words & Marketing Campaigns

Richard Taflinger, professor at the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University, says that a ploy often used in advertising (marketing) is the use of logical fallacies. These fallacies are not recommended because they may alienate your audience

Taflinger suggest avoiding the following logical fallacies:

201 Tips You Didn't Know That Can Make You A Rockstar Blogger

Rockstar Girl Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch  just completed a 39 page report for you, called 201 Tips to Rock Your Blog ... phew!

Powerless, Practical, Powerful

A Powerless person tries to fulfill his own desires.
A Practical person fulfills others' desires.
A Powerful person makes others crave his products/services even more everytime.

Web Designer Wanted! Job Opportunity at

TrendHot LLC is an up-and-coming start-up with big ideas and a focused goal: to be the next big thing on the web. TrendHot has recently launched their newest project Miimr -- a place where you can share and learn new things. Share with the world your thoughts on everyday items, and learn what other people are saying about things that you're most interested in.

Top 10+ Useful Firefox Add-ons & Extensions

Firefox Sexy Girl

Add-ons / Extensions for Firefox make this web browser very powerful.

Here are the best 10 useful Firefox extensions I have been constantly using (in no particular order).

Free Social Media Marketing Guide to Google Buzz

Joel Comm has shared a very interesting Google Buzz Report for free!

There are a lot of options if you want to grow your online business with social media marketing, and Google Buzz is clearly an important opportunity.

Simply free, no strings attached.

Download it here: Free Google Buzz Report

How to Survive Competing against The Big Guys

How to compete against companies with: ...more power? ...more money? ...more market share? ...less price?

*Market Your Product to a Niche of Passionate Customers.*

'Nuff said.

Crowdsourcing in Practice: Making It Work and Profitable

I just love the story of Nathan Eagle and txtEagle so much, that I'd be doing you and yours truly a disservice if I don't post a followup.

Check out this video on crowd-sourcing by Nathan Eagle:

How About Solving The Poverty Problem in A Brilliant Way?

Many of us are thinking of how to end world poverty as we know it. Especially for people living in poor or developing countries such as Indonesia (like me), where we can see it everyday.

Nathan Eagle and his company TxtEagle managed to solve the poverty problem in a very elegant and direct way.


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