Papua Red Fruit / Buah Merah Papua

Red Fruit of Papua (Buah Merah Papua): Cures AIDS and Cancer?

Have you ever heard of Papua Red Fruit or what Indonesians natively called Buah Merah Papua?

Buah Merah Papua Can Cure HIV/AIDS and Cancer?

This rare fruit has recently been gaining significant momentum as it’s claimed researched to have the ability to cure HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other diseases:

It’s a natural fruit grown in the deep of the Irian Jungle. Red Fruit, the natural HIV Aids and alternative cancer treatment of Papua Indonesia, was never been initially realized as Cancer and HIV Aids Cure. It has been laboratory search that its ability to cure HIV Aids as well as cancer and any diseases is caused by its rich contents of tokoferol and betakaroten, as both are anti-oxidant which able to increase the body’s immune. Tokoferol and betakaroten are combined to dispatch amino acid which is needed by HIV. Thus the virus can not maintain live (Full Lab report).

Testimonials from People Consuming Buah Merah Papua

There have been testimonials about this fruit’s wonderful results:

He was then took Augustina (who -by HIV Test – already shown thick HIV symptom) into HIV/Aids treatment by feed her with the Red Fruit Oil regularly – three times a day.Since then, Agustina started getting better. Her HIV/Aids cured, HIV Test shown the early hiv symptom gradually fade away. Her condition was gradually recovered. She started to gain weight from previously 27 kg and reach 46 kg gradually. Her bad diarrhea and anal infection as well as other early HIV symptom disappear. Her skin improved, her hair start to grow, and her condition was getting better and able to perform her daily activity.

What is Inside Papua Red Fruit?

Contents of Red Fruit, taken from Fruit-Amazing blog:

According to the analysis result conducted by Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB), Red Fruit actually contains high degree of Carotenoid and Tocoferol. The total amount of Carotenoid in a Fresh Red Fruit is 34,000 ppm,whereas in its Red Fruit Extraxt 8,600 ppm.The total amount of Tocoferol in a Fresh Red Fruit is 133,000 ppm, whereas in its Red Fruit Extract 17,000 ppm.Beside Carotenoid and Tocoferol, Red Fruit Extract also contains Overfull Fatty Acids, such as Lauric,Palmitat,Stearat Acids,and Non-Full Fatty Acids, such as Palmitoleat,Oleat,Linoleat Acids,Omega-3, etc. Total contents of Fatty Acids in Red Fruit Extract is 17.8 % (Saturated Fatty Acids) and 38% (Unsaturated Fatty Acids).

Carotenoid, according to Wikipedia, are “organic pigments that are naturally occurring in plants and some other photosynthetic organisms like algae, some types of fungus and some bacteria.” People with high beta-carotene intake and high plasma levels of beta-carotene have a significantly reduced risk of lung cancer.

Tocoferol (Tocopherol) is simply Vitamin E. According to Wikipedia:

Antioxidants such as vitamin E help protect against the damaging effects of free radicals, which may contribute to the development of chronic diseases such as cancer. Vitamin E also may block the formation of nitrosamines, which are carcinogens formed in the stomach from nitrites consumed in the diet. It also may protect against the development of cancers by enhancing immune function.

And to no surprise, Indonesian people have discovered business ideas for this fruit: selling them at a premium.

There are quite some sites promoting this fruit:, Buah Merah Online, Fruit-Amazing, and even a forum thread.

Not A Replacement for Medical Treatment

Unfortunately, there was also a sad story:

Agustina ‘Buah Merah’ Saweri, meninggal dunia dini hari kemarin di Jayapura. Orang dengan HIV/AIDS (ODHA) berusia 26 tahun itu memperoleh embel-embel ‘Buah Merah’ di namanya setelah ia diboyong ke Jakarta pada Oktober 2004 untuk memberi kesaksian tentang khasiat buah tersebut sebagai alternatif pengobatan AIDS.

Menurutnya, Agustina mengalami infeksi oportunitis (infeksi yang dialami sebelumnya kembali muncul) yang antara lain menyerang paru-paru, mulut dan tenggorokan. Penyebab infeksi tersebut kemungkinan karena ia tidak mendapatkan perawatan medis secara intensif, ujarnya.

In summary, not long after receiving Red Fruit treatment, Agustina died of lung, mouth and throat infections due to her not receiving conventional medical treatment anymore.

Want to Try It for Yourself?

Buah Merah Mix
Buah Merah Mix

Fortunately it is easy enough to get Papua Red Fruit in the form of bottled Buah Merah Mix juice. It can help improve your body’s immune system to diseases, so it is healthy to drink it daily even when you’re completely healthy. Prevention is always better.