How to Get Free Google Workspace Email Hosting and Cloud Storage for Your Nonprofit

Eligibility requirements:

  • Registered with TechSoup regional.
  • Organizations must be: (1) foundations (yayasan) approved as legal entities by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights; (2) incorporated associations (perkumpulan) approved as legal entities by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights; or (3) societal organisations (organisasi kemasyarakatan) registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs, provincial governor, or local authorities.
  • See complete requirements for nonprofit organizations in Indonesia.

Documents you will need to prepare:

  • Google account used by your administrator / organization director.
  • Organization legal documents

Using TechSoup:

  1. Sign up for Google for Nonprofits
  2. Apply for a TechSoup validation token
  3. Obtain your TechSoup validation token. Go to TechSoup Asia -> My account > Validation Token (rightmost tab)
  4. Complete your Google for Nonprofits account application
  5. Sign up for a G Suite trial
  6. Set up your G Suite account
  7. Enroll in G Suite for Nonprofits
  8. Add users (email accounts)


  1. Visit Google for Nonprofits page.
  2. Click “Get Started”
  3. Fill the signup form.
  4. Upload the required legal documents.
  5. Wait for approval of your verification process. This may take a few business days.

Next Steps

  1. On your mobile device: sign in to Google Account, and enter your G Suite account.