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What I Create

Hendy Irawan is a founder and co-founder of several business ventures and startups, each forming a part of his holistic vision for better human life.

Bippo eCommerce platform & marketing services empower small-to-medium companies and large enterprises to achieve their business goals in an efficient and cost-effective way.

AksiMata makes sharing photos and stories not only easy, but also a fun and educative. You'll learn a lot from others' experiences, and expand your awareness about the world around you.

Keluarga Samara advises young muslims, just-married couples, and new parents with issues and troubles they face so they can enjoy their life process and stay true to the Sharia.

Heartnesia makes learning Islam a fun and enjoyable experience. Being a muslim is the greatest gift a person can ever have, so let's celebrate this gift to motivate ourselves during our ever-present struggles.

DietYuk helps its members to achieve better health and life quality through nutritious diet, easy-to-follow exercises, and balanced lifestyle.

GaulDong connects members to share stories, learn together, and collaborate on positive causes for a better world.

Accountability-based Social Media

My social media ventures are accountability-based, meaning that it tries to preserve the history and authenticity of each content, and also tags all content (both text and hypermedia) using an authenticity knowledge base.