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There are several ways you can promote your site or a page in your site for free, that may drive some traffic or maybe lots (if you're lucky and the quality of your content is high), some of them are:

Despite some bad things I've heard about Google Analytics, my first impressions about it is that it's an excellent tool. I've had used AWStats and Webalizer before, and I've had to say Google Analytics somewhat ate them all right from the front overview page:

This is a boring post that's just used to claim my blog in Technorati. Totally boring.

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Looking for a personal productivity tool?

I've been a user of Backpack since a long time ago... Didn't use it that much but it was helpful.

After that I signed up in Wetpaint. This is seriously a very nice service, great looking site and themes, very easy to use, quick, and useful. (currently I can't get "remember me" login option to work).

1001 Rules adalah ide untuk sebuah situs di mana anggotanya dapat membuat daftar "Top 10" (nggak harus 10 sih) untuk hal2 yang bagi dia menarik, misalnya:

  • Top 10 Rules of Dating (contoh di mock-up tersebut)
  • Top Movies
  • Top Artists
  • Top Romantic Songs
  • The Worst News Events Ever!!!

Ide dasarnya sih seperti itu, dilengkapi dengan fasilitas social networking standar tentunya. Sepertinya bagus nggak ya?

Wah keren..... kapan ya gw bisa kayak ini. Gw lebih salut orang2 yang punya ide seperti ini daripada yang bersedekah secara langsung. "Memberi kail bukan memberi ikan", tapi bukan lintah darat lho...
Arab News:

Okay, so this will be my first official blog.

I've got and tried several blogs: