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Ubuntu Bug #1: Microsoft has a majority market share

I have just known this. It's pretty weird that I have never visited this bug before. ;-)

I thought this was a way for Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth to have some fun.

It seems, it's no fun at all:

Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace. This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix.

Non-free software is holding back innovation in the IT industry,
restricting access to IT to a small part of the world's population and
limiting the ability of software developers to reach their full
potential, globally. This bug is widely evident in the PC industry.
Steps to repeat:
1. Visit a local PC store.
What happens:
2. Observe that a majority of PCs for sale have non-free software pre-installed.
3. Observe very few PCs with Ubuntu and free software pre-installed.
What should happen:
1. A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software like Ubuntu.
2. Ubuntu should be marketed in a way such that its amazing features and benefits would be apparent and known by all.
3. The system shall become more and more user friendly as time passes.

Check the comments for more insights. :-) Some of them are funny, well... most of them try to be funny. :-)



gw udah download tuh ubuntu feisty, tapi belom punya keberanian buat install di laptop, secara dari dulu waktu suse, madrake, ga ada yang bisa langsung dipake..

maklum, a very novice linux user..

would you help me to migrate?



dari Windows maksudnya?

As I said before everything on my laptop works, without additional "drivers", including Bluetooth and WiFi. Ubuntu already provides some apps, like Wammu, hat allows me to synchronize my SonyEricsson K600i with my laptop (contacts, call, messages, todos, calendar, etc.) through Bluetooth. IMHO it's much better than the PC Suite Software included in the SonyEricsson K600i kit ;-)

Saran gw, nggak migrate jg gpp... just use it as ur 2nd OS... Or maybe ur 1st OS, Windows as your backup when things fail/apps not working/drivers etc.

As time progresses, you'll get used to it... (even I haven't got used to having some apps not working, but well.....)

Help? Me, and a bunch of others, are available at and milis id-ubuntu

Good luck!