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OpenBravo Installation

Having been waiting "a few minutes" for several years with various taking-too-long-to-install software, "it will take more than an hour" is definitely a relief.

At last, somebody is being honest! ;-)

Today I just found one way (though not so "good idea") to have a 45-day loan with 0% interest......!

I got approx 800,000 rupiahs today, cash, in less than an hour, that I can return around end January.. it was very easy.

OCaml seems to be a (yet another) very interesting programming tool.

I'm not sure about you, but to me Oz looks like a cool programming language to learn... and use:

Let me begin by a scientific discovery, a few decades ago: (as pictured above)

Sometimes I just need to signify that what I decided,
has been decided.

A simple message to remind myself,
that me and my ex-girlfriend has broken up

Not sure why I'm doing this, but well..., that probably mega blog hosting provider was down for a couple minutes (?) a few hours ago, at 25 August 2007 around 14:25 GMT+0700.

Password management

I found a very nice and thorough article about password management. I love it! :-)

And it's increasingly needed nowadays!!!

Password Management Best Practices