How to Make Your Own Broadband WiFi Hotspot

Go wireless!

Creating your own TelkomSpeedy / ADSL Broadband WiFi Hotspot is actually pretty easy. Why go Ethernet wired if you can go 802.11g wireless? ;-)

Mungkin ada teman-teman yang kepingin tau gimana cara membuat Hotspot WiFi menggunakan akses ADSL Broadband misalnya TelkomSpeedy. So, let's get on with it...

What you will need:

Innalillahi, former president Soeharto has passed away.

Soeharto is dead.

"Our former president HM Soeharto has passed away around 13:10 (1710 AEDT)," Dicky Sondani, the sub-district police chief, told reporters at the hospital.

Intuitively Probabilistic Programmer [wannabe]

thinking and drooling

You know what, I get the feeling that I'm somehow "destined" to be a "probabilistic guy"

(it has a spiritual touch)

OpenBravo is Honest Software, Me Likes! :)

OpenBravo Installation

Having been waiting "a few minutes" for several years with various taking-too-long-to-install software, "it will take more than an hour" is definitely a relief.

At last, somebody is being honest! ;-)

“Selling” for 0% Profit!

Today I just found one way (though not so "good idea") to have a 45-day loan with 0% interest......!

I got approx 800,000 rupiahs today, cash, in less than an hour, that I can return around end January.. it was very easy.

OCaml: The Fastest Powerful Programming Language Ever?

OCaml seems to be a (yet another) very interesting programming tool.

Oz Multiparadigm Concurrent Programming Language, The

I'm not sure about you, but to me Oz looks like a cool programming language to learn... and use:

Semantic Interface Driven Architecture and Continuous Change Driven Development

...and the moon split.

Let me begin by a scientific discovery, a few decades ago: (as pictured above)

Start A Meme: Kill The Internet?