3 Quick Tips to Make Your Customers Extra-Loyal

3 Quick Tips to Make Your Customers Extra-Loyal
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How to make your customers loyal, in a quick and easy way?

Tip #1: Promise something extraordinary. "You're dining in the #2 fastest restaurant in the world!"

Marriott Bomb Terrorist Noordin Moh Top Killed in Temanggung Ambush

UPDATE: The terrorist killed turned out not to be Noordin Moh Top, but Ritz Ibrohim.

Terrorist group Noordin Moh Top, was ambushed today by Indonesian counter-terrorists Densus 88 in his hiding in Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia.

3 Quick Steps to Become A Social Media Publisher

Social Media Process

Social Media is all the craze right now. Everybody wants to "get it." Some people think it's complex to understand.

Yet there are several simple steps to make Social Media work for you, right now.

Step #1: Write content. Publish.

Create content to your heart's desire. Publish it to your blog.

How to Make Your Words Count: Build Authority

Authority Makes Your Words Heard

What do you want your potential customers to think about your product? Your product is the best of its kind.

How do you ensure that? Simple, by demonstrating authority.

Mbah Surip died of illness, Leaves Success as Legacy

Mbah Surip, a very popular singer and entertainment, died at 10.30am today. His first single, "Tak Gendong", was highly successful and earned him 4.5 billion rupiahs from Ring Back Tone (RBT) royalties alone.

7 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend "Work" for You

Together we're stronger!

Many people think that having a partner or spouse has no direct impact on someone's business. I am thinking exactly the opposite. Your partner can help or harm your business.

Being Kind is Not Enough...

Smile! Or at least try to...

Make Your Business Thrive with Twitter

Twitter away!
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Is your business already using Twitter? If not, today might be the perfect time to do so. Especially since they have a Twitter 101 for Business guide for you.

Wondering why you'd want to use Twitter? Here's what they say:

Telkomsel Flash "rocks"!

Telkomsel Flash pagi ini cukup "lumayan"...

Saya mendapatkan kira-kira 7 KB/s download speed stabil dari koneksi "HSDPA" Telkomsel Flash Unlimited yang secara teori maksimum kecepatannya 256 kbps (32 KB/s).

Ironis memang, tapi Telkomsel Flash kali ini jauh lebih cepat jika dibandingkan dengan hari-hari sebelumnya:

Don't Hate The Game...

... hate the players?

Ada sebuah lagu yang sekilas terdengar enak didengar di telinga gw...

tapi setelah gw dengerin baik2, ternyata sebagian besar --jika tidak boleh dikatakan semua-- yang didesahkan dalam lirik lagu ini sangat akurat dengan tipikal relationship cowo-cewe zaman Indigo ini...

"If I were a girl... I wouldn't play games"