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As of today I became one of the many official Flickr Pro wannabes: ;-)

I can't seem to think reasonably where to start or conclude this movie's review with. But to make the long story short, in my view this is one of the best movies I've ever seen, and certainly the best in its genre. The movie is not only entertaining, beautifully crafted and art directed, with top-of-the-notch acting (you're talking about Jude Law here), there are also lots, and lots of lessons of life (philosophies, etc.) in this movie. If you want to know why, and you don't mind getting some light spoilers, then read on...


I'm not sure about you, but I find this highly amusing while (ab)using Google Code Search:

I especially like the "with the possible exception of Windows itself." ;-)

In order to import my Microsoft Money 2007 data into Quicken 2007, I had to install Quicken 2005 first, import the Money 2007 data using the Data Converter, then start Quicken 2005 to finish the importing process, uninstall Quicken 2005, install Quicken 2007, then upgrade, and... finally done! It was a tedious process. But it works. Not everybody wants to jump through that many hoops though. At the end, though, I stayed with Money (due to Quicken's stability issues).

some people hate me
some people are afraid of me
in fact,
lots of them do

but a few,
very few actually,
but they exist...
are completely the contrary

they "love" me,
they feel comfortable with me,
they don't want to let me go...
even though we never had anything before we first meet.

I'm talking about the music in my workplace. Not long ago they're playing the song "SMS", track-repeated, for several days straight. During Ramadhan, the Ramadhan Special album by Ungu are the only songs played here, for an entire month. And it doesn't stop there, the exact same songs are being played by everyone, from radios to malls to small shops. It's infuriating!

Menurut Website Ditlantas Polda Metro Jaya, saya (atau seseorang bernama Hendy Irawan) akan melakukan pelanggaran pada tanggal 20 Juli 2026. Keren banget yach perangkat lunak Indonesia sekarang? ;-)