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Alright... I'm not getting hold of it anytime soon. But one day, I'm seriously gonna get something like this: (and it has to be black.)

Yup, a Honda Civic subcompact sedan. The cheaper (but new) ones cost around $20,000 here in Indonesia.

Life is beautiful.

Especially beautiful when you see life from the eyes of a sinful.

Like me.

Overheard: "Many lessons are learned only after the fact..."

This is one of the last (but not the last) 23rd birthday gifts I received. These are the guys who gave this. Very very thoughtful, indeed. I was ecstatically flattered when opening the wrapping and seeing what's inside.

I've been wondering for the past 2-3 years whether my experience, which was diagnosed by my psychiatric doctor, Dr. Kabul Budianto, as affective schizophrenia, were simply that (psychotic state, delusions, etc.) or there's more to it... spiritually?

I've also been increasingly thinking that these guys "don't know nothing" about my condition. Be them doctors, Ph.D.'s, or whatever! Much less my friends, my loved ones, and even my religious teachers.

I may be too self-centric, but sometimes I think myself as a philanthropist. Not exactly, though. I'm not very fond of giving money to others, but other things, that can't be counted, measured, or exchanged, by money.

I love Planck's Constant!

What a wonderful world Israelis have...

If only you'd be very open minded... :-)

Last night I watched Crash, Eel's favorite movie. It's a movie about life, how we collide into other people's lives, and how people deal with it.

You heard me. It's official, starting from yesterday I got no Internet access. :-(

Restricting Internet access to me is like forbidding me to read books. Unacceptable employer behavior.

Sure, there are downsides of unrestricted Internet access. Especially if used irresponsibly or abused. In my case, though, I think the damage for restricting me far outweighs its "advantages."

Baru2 ini gw "ketemu" ama seseorang... Nggak "ketemu" sih karena ketemunya virtual nggak secara langsung...

Cuma, hal pertama yang muncul di benakku adalah, orang ini... "menarik." Unique? Tentu saja, semua orang unique. Of literally thousands of persons I personally met and touched; this person, even though "unseen"... maybe a uniquest of the uniques. ;-)