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Gw sih jelas-jelas bukan novel writer, not even close. (= "tidak bahkan dekat"? oh... "nggak sedikit pun"?)

(Note: the parenthesed sentence at the end of a paragraph illustrates what would have been if I had written the sentence in Indonesian. I wouldn't even dare to have the slightest thought had I written this entire message in Indonesian!)

After much desperation and frustration (for some undisclosed reason), finally I got hold of Microsoft Money 2007, Home & Business Edition. This is because the financial software I was currently using was Microsoft Money 2004 Deluxe, I guess an upgrade after 3 years will be great. Or so it seems...

Recently I've had a conversation with my good friend Aulia Halimatussadiah. One of what we talked was about our financial management. She said her financial was horrible (she earned enough but spent lots more, hehehe). So I suggested her to use the software I'm currently using, Microsoft Money (I'm currently using Money 2004).

Recently I wasn't happy with "my" current house (actually, it's my parent's house). Actually not with the house itself, but with what's inside it and the way I live in it. I began to think "Just wait, one day I'll have my own house and I'll have things the way I want them to be..." I know I'm going to wait for a long enough time and even so that wish may never come true, so I decided to get started just now... by dreaming.

So I got copies of several home designer software. Several were just plain bad, old, etc. I want, among other things, these:

I'm sooo good at being late, for work, for school, for college, for dates, basically for anything. Some factors:

Ah... meskipun aku di sini udah kerja, tapi nggak ada salahnya kan nyoba2 cari duit tambahan. Emang sih kerja di sini nggak banyak dapetnya (kayanya semua orang bilang gitu deh ya...) tapi yang enak di sini tuh ada koneksi Internet yang sering bisa dipake kalo warnetnya lagi nggak 100% penuh plus akhir2 ini aku jarang dikasih kerjaan (programming). Jadi bisa bebas menjelajah dunia maya, belajar, dan bereksperimen...

There are several ways you can promote your site or a page in your site for free, that may drive some traffic or maybe lots (if you're lucky and the quality of your content is high), some of them are:

Despite some bad things I've heard about Google Analytics, my first impressions about it is that it's an excellent tool. I've had used AWStats and Webalizer before, and I've had to say Google Analytics somewhat ate them all right from the front overview page:

This is a boring post that's just used to claim my blog in Technorati. Totally boring.

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Looking for a personal productivity tool?

I've been a user of Backpack since a long time ago... Didn't use it that much but it was helpful.

After that I signed up in Wetpaint. This is seriously a very nice service, great looking site and themes, very easy to use, quick, and useful. (currently I can't get "remember me" login option to work).