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Google CL: Command-line (CLI) Tool for Google Cloud Service APIs


GoogleCL brings Google services to the command line (CLI). Great for DevOps job or for those loving the shell / console.

GoogleCL currently support the following Google services:

$ google blogger post --title "foo" "command line posting"
  • Blogger
$ google calendar add "Lunch with Jim at noon tomorrow"
  • Calendar
$ google contacts list Bob name,email > the_bobs.csv
  • Contacts
$ google docs edit "Shopping list"
  • Docs
$ google finance create-txn "Savings Portfolio" NASDAQ:GOOG Buy
  • Finance
$ google picasa create "Cat Photos" ~/photos/cats/*.jpg
  • Picasa
$ google youtube post --category Education killer_robots.avi
  • Youtube

Check out the Manual and ExampleScripts for many more examples of what you can do, or the Install page for simple install instructions.