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Bye Bye Dear Ex-Love.

Sometimes I just need to signify that what I decided,
has been decided.

A simple message to remind myself,
that me and my ex-girlfriend has broken up

Farewell. And I'll let myself continue my journey...

PS: All punctuations in this post, including the single period in the title, and the horizontal line, do have intentionally significant symbolic meanings.



W.2.B.N.L, Hendy!


sorry for hear that

btw, ini maksudnya bukan diputusin sm ruby on rails kan ? :D

Turut berduka, jangan terlalu lama larut dalam kesedihan. Love will find you (again)..


semoga akan membaik jalan ke depannya..


aku gak suka post kamu yg satu ini, menyedih kan banget, jdi nginggetin aku ma seseorang